Bulk, Palletised, Crated, Containerised

Strategic warehouse partnerships across the country allow us to offer Customers tailored logistical solutions for all types of their Cargo and requirements. We offering Handling, Palletising, Crating, Containerising and Storage of Non Hazardous and Hazardous Materials.

We have extensive knowledge in the Handling of all types of Bulk Minerals for Export from Mines and Refineries located around South Africa or from Neighboring Countries. Services include but not limited to: Receiving of Cargo, Stock Piling (Indoor or Outdoor Options), Bagging, Weighing, Stuffing into Containers (Bagged or Bulk) and transporting to Ship Terminal.

Warehouses are Bonded, have Rail Sidings and close proximity to the Port (when located at the Coast). All Warehouses have CCTV monitoring, are access Controlled and highly secure.